A strange time we live in

※ This article is related to my next Kanji exam in one week, the 10th of February 2017.

For Kanji class I got a book. The book contains the first 250 Kanji we are supposed to study. Shape, stroke order, reading, 4 vocabularies per Kanji…. I already told you, that this class is the most difficult one for me.

Anyways, I made a funny experience. I want to have these Kanji as Anki flashcards on my phone. That way I can study them while commuting.

  1. I open the book’s Kanji index, I take a photo and Google Translate scans all the characters. I get all the Kanji as text content. I store them in a text file.

  2. I write a program which asks the jisho beta API for meanings of the Kanji. I show all meanings and choose the meaning, I want to have, from the list; for each Kanji.

  3. I store all Kanji and their meanings in a text file (AsciiDoc format).

  4. A program, I wrote recently, takes the text file and generates Anki flashcards.

Isn’t it a strange time we live in? I am amazed again by technology.

(I am still in study mode. I am not sure I will have time for sightseeing or anything else until next Friday)