Going to IKEA

※ This article discusses the 30th of September 2016.

Yes, IKEA is really the (only?) choice to get furniture at the island. So with measurements of my bed in mind, we went to IKEA.

Unlike the afternoon, no lady was standing in the entrance area and offering you an IKEA bag. Very few people were left and we learned that 25 minutes are left before the lockers were emptied. 30 minutes afterwards the store will close. We took the challenge. I already felt a bit sick. I was not feverish, but I didn’t want a dinner to avoid vomitting. We going through the store, my body temperature rised a bit, because it was exhausting to me. At IKEA we bought Daim sweets, a pillow for Martina and bed protectors for both of us in the afternoon. In the evening, we bought blanket and pillow for me. I spent 12485 Yen at IKEA as estimated (with 10000 Yen) by a blog I found online beforehand. For dinner, Martina ate a hot dog (I don’t remember the price, but they are said to be cheap) and I only drank some water. I felt sick now. We got curious about ice teas offered at many places, but we saved it for later. On our way home, we again bought water at a convenience store and it got dark in the meanwhile.

At home, Martina helped me to go to sleep and I slept for 14 hours (!!!). I drank several times during the night. I recognized that maybe I was just dehydrated from carrying all the luggage to the residence in the morning. In the morning I got up and felt fine again.

IKEA was a nice experience and it is funny to see how the swedish furniture company adapts its products to minimalistic Japanese housing style.