The last week of October 2016

※ This article discusses the week of 24th to 30th of October 2016.

Last week, we had some event almost every day. So let’s mention them briefly:

Study Abroad Fair

On Wednesday, students at Kobe university interested in studying abroad dropped by at the Study Abroad Fair. Exchange students voluntarily get in line and students can ask questions. Me and Shoko represented Austria. It was stupid from my part that I didn’t join Shoko at her table, but she was chatting with Japanese people and I currently asked American and Chinese people about their home university. I learned how organization at American universities is done (at least at Queens college). Chinese universities feature a system close to Kobe University. One student actually showed up at our table, but only asked about American universities. No-one was interested in Austrian universities though European universities are in general not unpopular.

Dinner after club activity

After Karate, one of the cafeterias is still open. It offers a nice dinner. I think I will eat a soup regularly after being at the Karate club.

Medical Checkup

On Thursday, we had a Medical Checkup. In Japan, it is mandatory that universities do a medical checkup for their students. Exchange students need to check on the first available date in April or October. Regular students need to check in April. As a foreigner, this seems ridiculous and also concerning to your privacy. As far as I can tell, they check whether you have tuberculosis and are vaccinated against MMR (measles, mumps and rubella). But you also need to provide a urine sample, your sight is checked and an electrocardiogram is taken at the Medical Center. It took 2 hours and I missed 1.5 courses this day (it was announced to take ~45 minutes). Annoying.

Halloween party

On Thursday, students organized a Halloween party. I didn’t attend. I wanted to focus on my studies / Kanji test tomorrow.


We received our first payment of the scholarship. Financial troubles are therefore gone and we can pay our rent.

Wiffle Ball

Wiffle ball is a lightweight version of Baseball. If this is new to you: Baseball is the most professional sport in Japan and therefore very popular. We met at Minato no Mori Park to meet some locals who created an event at Meetup on Sunday. An American and a Briton shared a game with us. We tried pitching and batting for (almost) the first time. It was really fun. I claimed I can bring more exchange students to the next Wiffle ball game. Once the sun set, it got cold and we went for the Foodie.


After playing Wiffle Ball, we went to Modernark to eat for dinner. I ate the most delicious cake in my life: It’s called "Pecan Pie" and originates from the US.

Buddhist Monuments in the Horyu-ji Area

This event day is covered in a separate article.

Lukas is batting a Wiffle Ball at Minato no Mori Park

Finally, a remark on current life:

  • We are often tired. I assume we currently lack some ingredient in our daily nutrition (iron?). We are investigating.

  • Our next goal is to buy a mobile phone to have mobile data available here in Japan. Both of us need a new device.