New blogging policy

So far I wrote at least one blog article per day to cover all our adventures. However, I want to loosen that policy now.

  • I want to spend more time with my studies and less time blogging.

  • I feel like I wrote a lot about how we feel about our Japanese lifestyle. You should have a general idea at this point.

  • My blog articles become less and less qualitative, because I did not have time to read them twice.

Therefore I want to write less blog articles and write more qualitative ones. Specifically, I want to write topic-specific articles to discuss certain differences between Austria and Japan. My list of planned articles currently covers:

  • goods and products in conbinis and supermarkets

  • finances

  • public transport in Kobe

  • Japanese conventions and culture

  • Japanese Toilet culture

  • How to pack for 1 year

  • How to plan ahead as an exchange student

  • All information related to visiting me

I will always blog about our event days on Saturday. But I think I covered the basic routines at university and I expect a daily routine to settle in this week.

Long story, short: Less blogging, more quality. Starting now.