No event day this week

※ This article talks about a potential event day on the weekend of 1/21(土)~1/22(日).

This weekend I won’t pursue an event day. The finals are coming up.

Back in summer I thought I would have this intriguing system of a finals week. So the concept is that students have their last week of lectures. In the following, they have one week to prepare for all their exams. Then in the week after, they have all their exams. This system seems intriguing to me.

I hate the fact that I have to study for exams whereas lectures still take place. This sometimes created time collisions for me. So the general concept that exams just take place at random dates at the end of the semester seems troublesome and inefficient to me. University of Graz and University of Technology Graz implement this approach. But I was always curious about a finals system.

I thought Kobe University is different. The academic calendar always indicated such a system, but apparently it only means exams are supposed to take place in the final week.

Long story, short: Kobe University does not feature a finals system.

I also don’t get how many exams at which dates I have, but I know when I have to be where. Because one teacher was sick last week, we missed two classes. We will have make-up classes for this, but I don’t know whether this affects our exams.

Long story, short: I have my first exam this Wednesday, 1/25(水). My last deadline will be on 2/12(日).

This is the main reason, why I don’t have an event day this week. I am preparing for exams and doing a lot of homework.