Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan

※ This article discusses the 23rd of December 2016.

After the Aikido Buikukai Performance and our visit of Osaka Castle, we went for lunch at a Soba Noodle Restaurant ( 守破離 ). Martina joined us again. The restaurant was a recommendation of a friend of hers. As a group of three, we went by subway from Tanimachiyonchome Station to Osakako. After a 5 minute walk - we already know - we reached Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan.

2300 Yen is a pretty expensive price in my opinion, but I raised my expectations therefore and was not disappointed. In the Aquarium we left some luggage in the lockers (the prices range between 200 and 700 Yen depending on the size) and checked out the shop. Martina and Jo wanted to buy some merchandise when exiting the Aquarium.

First of all, the Ring of Fire defines a guiding element in the route. Several species from areas along the Ring of Fire are shown in pools. This includes otters, sea lions and coaties. Puffer fish, eels, king penguins and salamanders can also be found. In the following, the route goes around a huge aquarium from floor seven to the first floor. The aquarium features huge stingrays, sharks] and to the best of my knowledge, a small kind of whale shark. The long and dangerous tail of stingrays reminded me of Steve Irwin, who got fatally stung by a stingray 10 years again. His death hit me hard back then.

Japanese napping culture kicked in as well. A man was sleeping on a bench in front of a pool. This would not be possible in Europe/Austria.

In between the stations, a café offered softdrinks and small snacks. Afterwards, a special exhibition hall themed Finding Nemo. Jo had a lot of fun in this room as his two kids are fans of Finding Nemo. However, this phone battery was already drained, so I took care of taking photos for him. However, taking photos inside the aquarium is very difficult. The final station was a petting zoo. We were allowed to pet sharks at their back and sting rays at the center of their back. It was interesting to see that a bright stingray was extraordinary soft whereas the dark stingray felt like leather.

We were very happy with the aquarium. It is versatile and they seem to take good care of the animals. Martina and Jo bought the merchandise and returned back to our residence in Kobe. What a productive day! 😊