Our first supermarket

※ This article discusses the 2nd of October 2016.

On Sunday, nothing special was planned. I had lots of planning and work ahead of me. Martina was tired beginning from the morning.

I got up and went to the study room to use the eduroam connection. Sadly it did not work at all. After a few hundred trials, I gave up. I met up with Martina and wanted to do some shopping. We were still lacking soap, trash bags, toilet paper and other equipment in our room. So for the first time we planned to visit a supermarket; not a convenience store. A supermarket like a convenience store is very close to our residence.

We discovered interesting items. Including products by Knorr or Maggi. Martina took care I don’t consider "something that looks like a soap" as a soap, but a kitchen cleaner. She interpreted my wrong Katakana correctly and hinted me to the right decisions. I got some bread with Jam (for lunch), some nuts (as afternoon snack), some fruit in jelly ("dinner") and a sandwich (breakfast). Martina only grabbed some Jelly. Furthermore we found trash bags for the first time. Martina didn’t buy bedding equipment the previous day. So she has more cash left. I made debts for ~1500 Yen for the first time to make sure I have enough money to eat tomorrow. Hopefully we will get our bank accounts soon.

On our way home, we recognized that Martina bought almost nothing to eat for her. I guess I have used her as a translator too much. I need to take better care of her.

At home we shared food. The nuts turned out to be non-vegetarian (containing fish) and actually we both didn’t like that much jelly. Martina showed me that her TUGraz eduroam connection works. So I switched from Uni Graz to TU Graz eduroam and it also worked. Being online, I was happy again and working productively to get my things done. But at ~22:00 I lost my connection again and I was left without internet. Work regarding this weblog and homepage does not require an internet connection, so I was left busy anyways.

Apparently I started at roughly 17:00 (excluding a shower, video chatting with my parents and dinner) and it is now 04:53. I need to get up in less than 3 hours again. Good night!