※ This article discusses the 12th of November 2016.

Rokkosai ( 六甲祭 ) is the university’s Festival. The university’s clubs are contributing majorily to this and define the events. At the Festival 2016, you where able to do the following:

  • Eat delicious traditional or non-traditional Japanese food

  • Watch performances by juggling or jump rope clubs

  • Listen to bands and singers

  • Take photos with fun motives

  • Discover some guests dressed in cosplay costumes

  • Play Mahjong

  • Indoor exhibitions on art and history

  • A small Flea market

Eating ice in banner at Rokkosai

We went there shortly after 12:00 and left around 17:00. I liked it very much that students participate heavily to make it run. As far as the food is concerned, you can get snacks for 100 ¥ or 200 ¥. With this price it is easy to try out many different things. We ate fried potato, rice balls, waffles, some ice inside banner and also donut balls. The food was incredibly delicious. Often Martina bought one and took a first bite, but afterwards I jumped in and bought another one. It was a challenge to find my Aikido colleagues among all the people at the booths (with some people telling us the wrong direction). We also looked for students from our Academic Writing class who gave us a voucher for their booth. The food was very delicious and the performance levels varied (which is of course okay for students with mixed experiences).

On youtube, you can find videos of previous Rokko festivals:

It was a pleasant day! Thanks a lot, Kobe University & students! I want to see something similar in Austria!

Martina and I in front of the Economics building Martina and I in front of a booth