Day of Typhoon Chaba

※ This article discusses the 5th of October 2016.

Being sooo tired last night and with a remaining jetlag, I woke up at ~9:00. However, we did not make it until 12:30 to work productively.

Only because Martina entered my room. Eventually I dragged her into my bed and we slept both in bed until about 12:30. She was mad at me for doing it 😇

On Wednesday, Typhoon Chaba was expected to hit Japan. In South Korea two people died because of the Typhoon, but being in Osaka Bay provides a certain safety. Therefore no warning was issued the whole day. I asked my Japanese teacher the previous day whether classes take place and he point out "No classes" (batsu - no!). I didn’t worry, because my study plan does not have classes on Wednesday and I would stay at home anyways. Martina on the other hand has her first Kanji classes (if I remember correctly).

So I woke up in the morning and she brought food she bought last night after I went to sleep. I was still too tired to get up and just offered her a place in my bed, which worked out. We rested for another few hours. Eventually I took a shower and we tried to cook some noodles. You buy some plastic packaging with ingredients, heat up water and pour it into the plastic packaging (in the shape of a bowl). After a few while, you can eat it. Apparently the water cooker is not for everyone, but provided by a student. Therefore it was not in the room this time and we ate our dinner: rice with vegetables and Martina got some rice too. We warmed it up in the microwave.

During the day, I started to watch videos of my MOOC and therefore studied Graphical Probabilistic Models. Afterwards I finally managed to deploy the website, the gallery and this blog.

What about the typhoon? Yes, classes took place anyways (probably the Japanese teacher meant that he does not hold any classes tomorrow?!). Yes, the storm was recognizable during the night according to Martina and also at ~15:00 and from 16:00-21:00. The air was very warm and it was windier than any other day. It also rained multiple times. Especially during the mentioned times. The JMA even issued a warning at 17:00. The university rules state that if no warning is issued at 6am for the morning, classes in the morning take place. If no warning is issued at 10am for the afternoon, classes in the afternoon take place.

So in the end, it was a day at the residence. I didn’t leave the residence. Anyways, enough was left to do.