Wien? No. Vienna? Oh, interesting!

※ This article talks about my presentation on Monday, 30th of January 2017.

On Monday, I held a presentation about Austria. The beginning was Japanese and on the 2nd of 4 pages I continued in English. In front of 3 people and one teacher, I showed them geographical, historical, culinary and cultural aspects of Austria in 1.5 hours. Due to copyrights, I cannot show you the slides, sorry.

But after the presentation, one of the guys talked to me:

Him: Oh man, you made me tired during your presentation about Austria. But when you mentioned in the end that ウィーン (Wien) is actually Vienna, you got all my attention.
Me: Why?
Him: I don’t know Austria, but many of my Christian friends go to Wien. I didn’t know that Wien is Vienna. Now I am interested.

— Conversation with an international student

Okay, I guess I learned something new about Austria again.