This mid-November week

※ This article discusses the week 14th to 20th of November 2016.

  • I received my Austrian Wahlkarte (absentee ballot) to elect the next Austrian president. I sent it back to Austria 2 days later. To the best of my knowledge, it took a good week to be sent from Austria.

  • We went to the municipal office to declare our status as students to the Japan Pension System. We don’t want to pay 16000 Yen per month.

  • We bought Japanese mobile phones.

  • I trained so much on knees at Aikido, that the top layer of my skin of my knees got ripped off. I burns like hell. I wanted to attend Saturday Aikido practice, but had to skip it.

  • On Wednesday, we have been at the International Friendship Day. This is an event organized by Kobe University members. Basically it was a nice party to connect foreign and local people. I chatted with 3 local people and learned about Kyudo, Japanese Archery. Here is one Kyudo example video.

  • I got informed that I won’t get a grade for my second English course.

  • So I decided not to visit my English classes any more. For the first course, I never got a grade. For the second, I got informed this week. So far I attended all classes. I will not attend them anymore.

  • Because of Martina’s Volleyball training on Saturday, we shift event day from Saturday to Sunday. Then I can also attend Aikido training sessions on Saturday.

  • Kanji class gets more and more difficult. 15 Kanji (stroke order, shape, 4 vocabulary, 2-5 readings each) is fine per week. A difficult challenge, but manageable. For next week we have to study 23 Kanji and will have a test for all the previous lessons we did in the past 2 months. So I will be tested on 109 Kanji. I am demotivated and need more time.

  • On Friday night, we went Bowling with other exchange students. It was fun. Many Japanese people enjoy Bowling after a day of work.

  • We spontaneously tried to visit a cat cafe before Bowling. Even though the opening doors said different, it was already closed at 20:30.

  • We bought a pan and a cutting board at IKEA on Saturday.

  • A small earthquake of magnitude 5.4 struck Wakayama on Saturday. We recognized that the earth shook a little bit. I guess it had magnitude 2 to 3 at our Residence.

  • We have been on Rokko meets Art 2016 for event day.