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「Why I don’t want to stay in Japan long-term」 Do I want to stay longterm in Japan? Read more…

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Why I don’t want to stay in Japan long-term on culture social
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Quote from Der Standard on culture city
My event days in winter term on event-day
Visiting the Kobe University Medical Center on Kobe studying city
A reflection of memorization on studying
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Meeting your brother’s girlfriend on culture
A long time passed by on weblog
My summer term schedule on culture studying planning
Distances between my residence and other places in Japan on Kobe Osaka Kyoto Tokyo
Tokyo Tower, Zojoji Temple, Meiji Shrine, Asakusa, Narita Airport on event-day Tokyo gaijin city
Odaiba on event-day Tokyo gaijin city
Ginza and Tsujiki on event-day Tokyo gaijin city
Asakusa and Senso-ji on event-day Tokyo gaijin city
Imperial Palace, Shibuya, Yoyogi Park on event-day Tokyo gaijin city
On Japanese comedy and Kansai-ben on gaijin culture language
Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building & Shinjuku on event-day Tokyo gaijin city
Oukunoshima & Shinkansen on event-day nature animals
Aikido Harugasshuku, Part 2 on event-day aikido culture food
Aikido Harugasshuku, Part 1 on event-day aikido culture food
What to pack for one year of student exchange on studying culture gaijin shopping arrival
Arima Onsen on event-day culture Kobe austria social
Todaiji on culture religion nature event-day
Ikebana on culture
How Japanese give names to their children on culture
Final exam finished on studying holiday
I realized, I recognized. on studying
A strange time we live in on studying culture fun art
Wien? No. Vienna? Oh, interesting! on fun
No event day this week on holiday event-day
New Year’s Card Lottery on holiday culture fun shopping
Kobe Harbor on event-day Kobe city
Oji Zoo on event-day Kobe nature animals
Seijin no Hi on holiday culture austria
Arima Onsen Irizome-Shiki on event-day Kobe holiday culture food social fun
Awkward Hankyu ticket behavior on Kobe transport city
Austrian Neujahrskonzert on holiday culture Austria
New Year’s Eve on Kobe holiday culture food religion city social
Venus Bridge on Kobe event-day holiday culture nature city
Kitano-Chou, Part 2 on event-day Kobe holiday culture gaijin Austria
Kitano-Chou, Part 1 on Kobe event-day gaijin holiday culture Austria city
Nunobiki Waterfalls on nature Kobe event-day holiday culture hiking
Christmas Eve on culture Austria event-day Kobe food religion city
Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan on event-day Osaka culture food social city
Osaka Castle on event-day culture Osaka holiday city
Aikido Buikukai Performance on aikido culture art event-day Osaka
Christmas party on event-day party culture gaijin fun shopping social
Luminarie on event-day Kobe culture food city
My winter term schedule on culture studying planning
Language barriers in action on culture language gaijin fun aikido
Himeji Castle on event-day Kobe culture city
Osaka Chikko on event-day Osaka city culture
Aikido Trained the Austrian and Japanese Way on culture aikido Austria
Volleyball training in Japan and Austria on culture written-by-martina Austria
I’m Japanese! on Kobe culture gaijin language fun written-by-martina
Rokko meets Art 2016 on event-day Kobe culture art
This mid-November week on studying planning earthquake social
Buying a mobile phone on shopping Kobe
Rokkosai on event-day culture Kobe social
Calligraphy workshop on event-day culture art
Hiking to Mount Rokko on event-day Kobe culture transport nature hiking
The last week of October 2016 on studying shopping food culture social party
Buddhist Monuments in the Horyu-ji Area on culture nature religion city
Jidai Matsuri in Kyoto on event-day Kyoto culture social city
Tottori earthquake on Kobe nature studying earthquake city
Course registration on Austria planning studying culture
Camera lost on Kobe studying social loss
Osaka Kita Ward on event-day Osaka city shopping food transport
New blogging policy on weblog studying
Sign language on shopping city Kobe food culture
First event day: Jinjas in Kobe on event-day Kobe culture food religion city
A day of disappointments on studying planning culture
First intensive Japanese course session on studying language culture
Day of Typhoon Chaba on residence nature holiday
Presentation day on university culture studying
Registering at university on transport studying planning culture
Our first supermarket on shopping Kobe city food
Visiting Sannomiya on culture food Kobe city social
Going to IKEA on Kobe culture city
Visiting Minatojima on shopping Kobe city culture planning
Going to our residence on Kobe transport city
Arriving in Japan on Osaka city hostel arrival transport written-by-martina
From Graz to Istanbul on planning arrival transport
Hello Austria! on about